10 Steps to Build Brand Loyalty.

By Michael Mallon
Storyteller Promotions 

If you are in a business that prefers Loyal and Devoted customers as opposed to those who shop solely on price, or convenience, or speed, then there are some steps you need to take to create that Raving Fan. I have spent the last two decades studying the brands that have created loyalty amongst their followers and they all share these qualities.

1. They Have a Simple Single Stated Purpose – Simon Sinek, calls it your Why. Some refer to it as a cause, a belief. It is a vision of the future that does not yet exist, yet you are dedicated to expend all of your resources to achieve it, AND, you can utter it throughout your organization in one simple sentence.

2. They Understand Purpose vs Task – You and your team may perform many tasks, but know that deep within is that purpose and its pursuit. They know that each and every task or role within the organization exists for one reason and that is to pursue the purpose.

3. They Have Courageous Leadership – The company’s leadership is willing to adhere to the pursuit of the stated purpose and standards of care. They are willing sacrifice short term gains for the long term vision. They are willing to jeopardize losing the wrong customer to maintain their brand integrity and care for the right customer

4. They have Prioritized Standards of Care with identified & Specific Acceptable Behaviors that each and every team member displays at each and every interaction with the Brand.

5. They Educate their team members as opposed to Train them how to perform a task. They know that a team member who understands Why they perform a specific function, in a specific way, at a specific point, creates an environment where people are fulfilled at the end of the day.

6. They have Trusting Teams that possess a consistent & overwhelming desire within the group to get better at what they do, how they do it and for whom they do it.

7. They have A Deep Understanding of the Expectations of the people within their organization and those who use their services or product. They anticipate their needs, wants and desires, and seek to exceed them every day.

8. They Know What Competes against them instead of Who; they play the long game of business and know that sometimes you don’t run with the pack. They focus on being a better version of themselves as opposed beating their perceived competitor; instead of running to win, they run to be a better runner.

9. When things go wrong, and they always will, They Attack the Process that led to the mistake, NOT the People involved.

10. They are Conscious of the Show created by the expectations of the people they serve. Shakespeare famously said, “All the World is a Stage”; the smart brands Give their customers what they NEED, even when, THEY DON’T KNOW, THEY WANT IT