Help the Houston SPCA continue critical services. 

Our disaster planning team is working hard to ensure coverage on our main campus as well as our farm animal and horse ranch outside of Harris County. The situation is changing rapidly. But like you, we’re committed to constantly exploring new ways to meet rapidly-emerging needs. We appreciate the compassionate animal lovers like you whose support allows us to work for the good of people, pets and wildlife even in the midst of a crisis.

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No one should go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic

With school closures, job disruptions, and health risks, millions of Americans will turn to food banks for much-needed support. They can't do it alone and you can help.

Food banks are responding to COVID-19 by doing what they do best – feeding people in need. You can help.

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SBCHC remains open to serve the community with primary health care amid the COVID-19 crisis. Widespread job and private provider closures have caused confusion for everyone. In order to avoid a strain on our local hospital systems we are working to keep low-income, uninsured, and suddenly unemployed Houstonians on-track with their regular care needs during an uncertain time. SBCHC remains on the front lines providing medical services to the West Houston community like prenatal visits, vaccinations for children ages 0-4, regular diabetic care, and consultations via telemedicine. Anyone can access our medical and social services; we urge you to share our services with your network and call today if you are in need.

Simultaneously, we are in need of monetary donations, Personal Protective Equipment, and cleaning supplies. Donations will ensure our health care providers stay safe while caring for others and keep the most vulnerable community members healthy, out of the hospitals, and connected to valuable social resources.

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Urgent: Help Provide COVID-19 Relief

As schools and workplaces close, more and more people in our community will turn to the Houston Food Bank for assistance. With your support we can help make sure no one goes hungry during this uncertain time.

Take action right now to help families facing hunger and let them know they’re not alone.

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When families find themselves with nowhere else to turn to, our doors are open to help with their immediate basic needs and equip them to achieve long-term stability.

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Would you like to donate to WHAM ?

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REV MARK BROWN - West Houston Assistance Ministries Update

For the past nearly 7 weeks WHAM has been operating in a disaster relief capacity. We have completely changed the way we interact with folks, dramatically increased our assistance, and to maintain a healthy workforce, changed our work practices.

In a typical year, we provide food for 35,000 people. In the past month alone, we have provided food for 22,500 people. This significant increase has necessitated completely new ways of distribution. Now we have an efficient drive-through system where we can move around 90 or so cars through an hour. This involves a dedicated team of staff and volunteers split into four crews over two shifts, Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday. Two of the crews focus on distribution and preparation, two other crews just preparation. We have been very blessed to also have the National Guard assisting us, young hard-working folks prepared to serve as required.

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For nearly 40 years, families have been turning to MAM for help during times of crisis, including hurricanes, floods, fires, loss of jobs, medical emergencies, etc. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic rapidly evolves in the city of Houston, thousands of families have lost their jobs and wonder how they will be able to pay the rent and buy food over the coming weeks and months. Today, MAM’s staff is hard at work, virtually providing essential services to support the many families who have been devastated by the COVID-19 situation.

MAM deals with some of the most vulnerable families in north and west Houston. Families living in poverty – living paycheck to paycheck.  MAM is providing financial assistance for those in need of basic needs, as well as employment and financial coaching, English & citizenship classes, immigration legal services, and mental health counseling.

It is times like this when we rally around our neighbors and the importance of our collective efforts is evident more than ever.  We hope you will join us to ensure local families in our community have what they need to remain stable and healthy today, so we can all enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

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Please see this urgent message from Dr. Marc Boom, President and CEO at Houston Methodist, writing on behalf of all Texas Medical Center institutions, regarding urgently needed personal protective equipment

Many of our member companies utilize this type of equipment on a daily basis, and they are requesting your help to ensure TMC has the supplies they need in the coming weeks.

I urge you to please help as you can.


Bob Harvey
President and CEO

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We never imagined we would be forced into a position to temporarily close all of our restaurants. Now incapable of providing continued financial support to our team members, we need you, our community, most of all.

So, we are asking all of you now, our loyal guests, to consider making a donation to our Berg Hospitality Family Relief Fund/GoFundMe campaign in support of our team members.

100% of the profits will go to our hourly employees.

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Accepting applications for one-time-only COVID-19 relief grant payments in the amount of $1,000, to be paid directly to 10,000 eligible warriors who find themselves in urgent and significant need. Only Warriors who meet all of the following criteria will qualify for consideration:

  • Confirmed registration with WWP on or before April 8, 2020.
  • Have themselves suffered a loss of personal employment/work income or are dependent on someone in their household who has suffered a loss of employment/work income due to COVID-19.
  • Are currently unable to pay for their rent/mortgage, utilities, or food due to the loss of income resulting from COVID-19.

The application process opens today, Thursday, April 9 at 12 pm ET. Grants will be paid to those who meet the criteria, as they come in, until funds are gone.

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