Why a Strong Chamber of Commerce is Good for Business.

By Dave Gilkeson, Vice President of Operations & COO
Westchase District,
HWCOC 2020 Board Chair

Dave’s Top Ten List of Questions to Ponder.

Remember the chamber tag line – In Business, For Business!

For members considering membership renewal – even in today’s economic environment – please take a moment to examine your investment in the Houston West Chamber of Commerce.

10. Has the chamber assisted my marketing efforts? The strongest form of advertising is word of mouth. How can you not afford to have other chamber members passing your name onto business prospects?

9. Does belonging to the chamber assist my business’s credibility?

8. Does belonging to the chamber advance the careers of myself or my employees through their personal development programming?

7. Has the chamber provided our members as an advocacy for business issues with Government officials? And if you can’t say yes to this, then has the chamber provided access to Governmental officials through it’s monthly programming with the Governmental Affairs committee?

6. Has the chamber given my business exposure through the networking programs or ribbon cutting ceremonies (which number in the hundreds per year)?

5. Have I gotten involved with the Houston West Chamber and has it been a positive experience for both me and my business? And the more I get engaged, the more other members can advocate with other community business leaders and elected officials.

4. Have I received marketing benefits from the chamber though its email and website communication pieces?

3. Have I received additional branding recognition through the chamber’s website and social media presence?

2. In sponsoring / supporting the chambers events, have I assisted in supporting other non-profits that have received recognition and financial assistance as a result of the event?

1. Is this the most-friendliest, most positive, and most multi-referrals chamber on the planet or what?

You should be able to answer yes to all of the above questions, but even if that is not the case, examine your investment in the chamber, you should still be able to cost justify this marketing arm of your business.