Share your Business Ideas to Our Business Blog

Criteria for submitting a Business blog to the HWCOC Business Resources Blog Page

  1. Blog must be on a business subject and something every member could learn from and utilize in their business. EX. How to collect on invoice, How to deal with difficult customers, How to keep up with ever changing forms of media, the best marketing tools for every budget.
  2. Must be between 500-900 words
  3. Please use colloquial term, laymen terms
  4. Format your blog in a legible manner. Does your blog topic read better in paragraph form or breaking it down into bullets and numbers?
  5. If your blog is about tips, post no more than 10 tips at a time. EX. “10 online marketing tools you need when starting a business”


  • Talk about trends in business.
  • Pose a question.
  • Discuss future plans in your industry, give readers a sneak peak on what you’ll be doing in the coming year.
  • Review a book or piece of media, if you’ve read something that you think your consumers might like, give a write up.
  • Report on a conference you’ve attended.
  • Explain how you do it. Do you have a special way you make your product, handle returns or welcome new customers? Describe your process.
  • Talk about your blunders. “Success is you reaction to your failures, how have you succeeded?”.
  • Share your vision.
  • How did you get your idea?
  • A day in the life.
  • Mention a popular post, if you notice a post by a popular blogger in your niche getting a lot of attention, add your viewpoint and link to the original post.
  • Answer questions anyone is asking.

How to submit your blog

All blogs will be reviewed for approval prior to being posted.
Selected blogs will be posted on the 3rd week of the month to the hwcoc website and a link will be placed on all applicable media.
Blogs must be received by the 2nd week of the month to

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