Letter from the President

Kari Werner
Houston West Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for being a member of the Houston West Chamber of Commerce (HWCOC). Your dedication and commitment to our Chamber and business community are greatly appreciated.

While Covid-19 was taking over our world in 2020, your Houston West Chamber of Commerce continued to put on events, workshops, training, and networking opportunities both virtually and hybrid. Covid-19 affected many businesses that sent people home to work, including us at the Chamber. The Chamber is still as strong as ever and continues to host our monthly events including Orientation, Coffee Talk, and Business Brunch with Jeffrey.  With our virtual comeback, we have initiated our new Member Portal 101 to make sure you continue to be at the forefront of the members and their needs in the comforts of your home, virtually.  With this new tool, you can still enjoy access to a vast network of some of the most prominent executives and entrepreneurs in the city of Houston.

The HWCOC continues to be known as a Chamber of Influence, recognized as the “friendliest and most welcoming” Chamber in Texas; and we are ranked in the top 15 of the largest Chambers in Houston as selected in the Houston Business Journal’s Book of Lists.  We will continue to be innovative and creative in order to provide you with the best possible business opportunities.

Check out our website where you can visit our video “Now more than ever, join the Houston West Chamber of Commerce”. (1)

The Houston West Chamber of Commerce provides unique experiences that are beneficial to both small and large companies and organizations. I am proud and excited to serve my second year as President and if you have any questions or wish to give me your suggestions, I would be excited to speak with you. Please feel free to reach out to me or my team, as we aspire to provide our members with the most valued experiences. You may contact me at kari@hwcoc.org or call our office at (713) 785-4922.


Kari Werner, President
Houston West Chamber of Commerce

Footnote 1: https://secure.acce.org/news/2012/11/acce-news/survey-chamber-membership-is-effective-business-strategy/

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